The composite coupling for the Grundfos vertical pump at the water station has been running smoothly


  In early May 2023, we received an inquiry from a customer saying that the composite coupling for their water station's No. 6 Grundfos vertical pump had broken. This was the third time it had happened, and they had been unable to determine the cause with their supplier. They hoped we could provide some suggestions and solutions.


  After studying the technical documents, drawings, and on-site photos, we analyzed that the previous composite coupling with a wall thickness of 4mm was too thin and failed due to material fatigue.

  After about a month of technical and drawing communication, as well as professional technical evaluation, our composite coupling proposal was approved, and our engineers were invited to assist with on-site installation.                                                 


  The project has now been running smoothly. Here, I would like to thank all the engineers and workers for their work, as well as the customer for their trust in us.