1.5MW turbine couplings

The gearbox and generator are connected by a wind coupling, which compensates for parallel and angular deviations during the operation of the wind turbine. In order to reduce the vibration of the transmission, the coupling needs to have vibration and damping. In order to avoid torsional vibrations in the event of misalignment, the coupling must also be fairly rigid.

The coupling must have an impedance greater than or equal to 100M and withstand a voltage of 2kV. This will prevent parasitic currents from flowing through the coupling from the generator rotor to the gear shaft/gearbox, which can be extremely harmful to the gearbox.


Wind power coupling features:

1. The main material of the coupling is high-quality alloy steel, and each connecting rod has spherical bearings and rubber bushings, which has good axial and angular deviation compensation capabilities, and can achieve the given maximum compensation value at the same time, and Effectively reduce vibration and noise.

2. Axial compensation and angular compensation are completed by different joint bearings respectively, and there is no interference with each other, so the axial and radial deviation compensation capabilities can reach the maximum value at the same time.

3. The insulation of the drive shaft depends on the rubber in the connecting rod, and there are two spherical plain bearings with rubber in each connecting rod, which can insulate the current twice.